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drabble - Jeff/Jensen - pre-first-time

Yeah, I knew who he was. Of course I did. I did research on my co-stars. Even if you
haven’t watched television lately, which everyone does, it’d be hard not to notice Jeff, no matter how hard he’s trying to remain incognito.

What I notice this time is how his eyes follow me everywhere….Is it too much to hope? Probably. He’s most likely seeing who’s up and coming and all that.

Up and Cumming…now there’s a thought…Dammit Jensen!
Keep your mind on your lines! Dream of older (straighter!?) men later!

I finish my scenes with Jared and head out the back of the set……he’s not there.
Which disappoints me even though I knew he wouldn’t be. He’s probably out convincing fan girls that he’s really only 40……

I hate having crushes from afar.

I go out the back way to avoid fans. Often it’s fine, I’ll put on a show, whatever…Let girls hang on me and coo, like that has some affect on me. Tonight I’m just gonna go stand in the alleyway and calm down for a bit, then walk home.

HE is waiting in the alley.

I say waiting, cause that’s what I want it to be.
I steal myself to walk past him.

Keep it cool Jensen….keep it cool…..

“Nice Work” he says.

HE is talking to ME.

I mean, I don’t see anyone else here, so he must be talking to me.
I gotta stop quoting at myself.

“Thh.thanks” I stutter.

Oh. Smoooooth Jensen. Way to be smoooooooth.

“You’re quite a actor” he says smiling.

“If you like me on the set, you should see me in bed” I smirk.

What the HELL just came out of my mouth?!?!?

A slow smile is spreading across his face. Leering. He’s defiantly leering at me. Well, maybe not leering, but smirking with interest? Yeah that’s it, and I’m babbling to myself again……..

“Well I was hoping it’d come to that” he says in that hot, sexy drawl of his “But I thought I might have to buy you dinner first.”

Did he just ask me out?
I think he DID just ask me out.
That means you say something Jensen.

“Well I don’t usually eat after a shoot. Well…. FOOD that is.”

His smile just got bigger.
Cause I said….oh!

“I mean uh….dinner!”

And bigger.

This whole village idiot routine seems to be working for me.

“But if you buy me some tequila and give me a back rub, I’ll be yours forever!” I finish off with my most winsome smile.

“You’ve got a deal there Demon!” he says, strolling back towards his truck.

Demon? I think I like that.
Angelina can't believe you don't shutup

MINE - Jared/Jensen

Okay Ara - you probably remember this, but I think it can be tweaked to fit in with the rest of the story. I think I'll change it to smallville folks though now that I know more about it.

WHY?: Violence, Gay Sex, Blood, Schmoopyness

CHARACTERS: RPS – Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki & implied Chad Faust/Patrick Flueger

DISCLAIMER: If I was in charge of the world, these boys would be naked and fucking constantly. Sadly for all parties concerned, I am not in charge, I am only a raving fangirl.

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